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The Mystical Art of Cost Estimation

There are plenty of resources on hardware hacking, writing code, marketing, and even business development on the net. However, I think there is an elephant in room that nobody is talking about. How the heck do you figure out how much your product is going to cost?

If you are planning on launching a Kickstarter, or are hoping to do any sort of presales this is extremely critical to the success of your business. At HAXLR8R our mission in life is to help hardware startups navigate this rocky road towards success. To that end, I’ve attempted to condense all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years into a nice 2000 word blog post. Check it out and let me know what you think!


PCB Assembly 101

I spent the past week visiting PCB assembly factories here in Shenzhen and wrote a short article explaining how electronics are made for Haxlr8r.  I hope you like it!