If you’re in the UK and want to get a Stencil8 tooling block, Nick Johnson has a Tindie campaign going. Please note, this is not my campaign. Stencil8 is open source and this is an enterprising maker trying to provide access to others at cost.

photo (24)

I’ve been playing with different techniques lately, and I may have found an even easier/cheaper way to align your stencil with your PCB using the PCB itself as a fixture.

photo (26)

This technique has the advantage that you don’t need a tooling block. It also means you can use a frameless stencil which can be much cheaper. The downside is that the pins aren’t securely fastened and the stencil can wiggle around during application. I haven’t confirmed it, but I think that can be fixed by using tape to hold everything down while you apply the paste.

photo (25)