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Are you worried that your boyfriend won't quit smoking? Smoking is a problem that is difficult to solve, as it may spoil his/her mood even if you try to talk about it, or even if he/she does quit smoking, it may not last. However, if you stay in a relationship with him with complaints about smoking, you may reach your limit someday. So, here are some ways to confront him who smokes and his smoking problem. Someone you like smokes... For those who do not smoke, and for those who do not like smoking, the fact that someone you like smokes can seem like a negative point. Some may think that they should just go out with someone who does not smoke, but love is not that simple. Data show that many women who dislike smoking have also liked smokers, and love and the smoking issue often start out as separate issues. It seems that in quite a few cases, once they find out that the person they like smokes, they do not like that person. Most seem to think that they do not want him to smoke in front of them, or that they would like him to stop smoking if possible. There are very few cases where people have given up on a relationship with him because he is a smoker, and more often than not, people continue to be in love with him without giving up unless it is a very bad case. The main reason for this is that they cannot change their feelings because they love the other person. Another reason is that smoking is not a reason to dislike him, and the idea that it is okay if he is considerate to non-smokers is also a reason to stay in love. In addition, it seems that most smokers who have gone straight from romance to a relationship with a smoker have not given up because of smoking, just as they did before they started dating. However, just because you start a relationship does not mean that your dislike of smoking will change. Some people wonder if they should tell their boyfriends about their dislike of smoking because they don't want him to hate them, but many people seem to tell their boyfriends that they dislike smoking. After all, it is difficult to hide it from your boyfriend, and you may end up forcing yourself into a relationship with him. Many people say that their boyfriends have changed as a result of their disclosure of their dislike of cigarettes. For example, some have stopped smoking in front of her, while others have made an effort to quit smoking for her or reduce the number of times they smoke. Even so, not all boyfriends will quit smoking. Still, many people are dissatisfied with boyfriends who continue to smoke, often because of the smell of cigarettes and the yellowing of their teeth. Cigarettes contain tar (tar), which is responsible for the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and the yellowing of the teeth. This tar is also contained in secondhand smoke, which is harmful not only to oneself but also to the health of those around one. This is why secondhand smoke is also one of the reasons for dissatisfaction in dating a man who continues to smoke. After all, if you want to have a long-term relationship with your boyfriend, you would want him to quit smoking if he does not like smoking. Therefore, some people try to force their boyfriends to quit smoking by saying, "If you don't quit smoking, I'll break up with you. Of course, there are some people who decide to quit smoking in this way, but it is not so easy for the smoker to quit smoking. Therefore, the important thing is that she has a good understanding of smoking and that you work together to help her quit smoking. Simply asking her to quit smoking in a blunt manner may lead to fights or cause her to feel emotionally burdened. Therefore, instead of pressuring him to quit smoking by denying or ordering him to quit, try to work together to quit smoking by praising and rewarding him. This will motivate your boyfriend to try harder to quit smoking. Offer an alternative plan While it is important to work together to get your boyfriend to quit smoking, it may not always work. It is very difficult for a non-smoker to suddenly quit smoking after it has become a habit for a long time. For example, starting a diet and not being able to stick to it for even a week may be similar to quitting smoking. So, how about recommending an "electronic cigarette (vape)" to your boyfriend who has the will to quit smoking but has difficulty quitting? An electronic cigarette is a tobacco product in which a flavored liquid called "liquid" is heated to vaporize into a vapor, which is then inhaled as smoke. It can feel like smoking a cigarette, so it can distract from the loneliness of the mouth and satisfy the relaxing sensation of smoking. Many women who say they do not like smoking are probably concerned about the unpleasant smell of cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, which causes the smell of cigarettes, so they do not have the characteristic smell of tobacco smoke. Rather, you can just smell the subtle goodness of the flavors. Also, if you are in the same space as someone who is smoking, the smell will be transferred to your hair and clothes even if you are not smoking. However, since e-cigarettes are water vapor and disappear in the air, there is no smell on your hair or clothes. Of course, since they do not contain tar, there is no need to worry about yellowing your teeth or your walls. Moreover, the health hazards caused by cigarettes can also be reduced with e-cigarettes. Tobacco leaves used in paper cigarettes and heated cigarettes such as IQOS contain harmful substances such as tar and nicotine. E-cigarettes sold in Japan contain neither tar nor nicotine, so the negative health effects are greatly reduced compared to paper cigarettes. However, smokers may be concerned about whether e-cigarettes are satisfying to smoke. They may wonder if the vapor provides the same kick as a cigarette, or worry that it will just taste thin and not be as rewarding to smoke. For these boyfriends, try recommending nicotine-containing e-cigarettes. If it contains nicotine, he will feel the stimulation in his throat and the satisfaction of smoking, just as if he were smoking a cigarette. The reason why it is difficult to quit smoking cigarettes in the first place is because nicotine is an addictive ingredient. If you start with e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, you can eliminate the irritation and frustration caused by the loss of nicotine. This will make it possible to quit smoking and reduce smoking without the feeling that you are forcing yourself to quit. From there, gradually reduce the amount of nicotine, and when you are finally able to enjoy e-cigarettes with nicotine-free liquid, you will have succeeded in quitting smoking. Even if you quit smoking with the sole intention of quitting, it often does not last long, and many people start smoking again at the drop of a hat. With e-cigarettes, you can quit smoking with a long-term plan, and your boyfriend will not be stressed because he will not be forced to do so. Both parties will not have to deal with the strain of quitting smoking, and she will be free from the unpleasant smell of cigarettes. If both parties are smokers, this is also a good opportunity for both parties to quit smoking by using electronic cigarettes together. 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