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Author: Devozki

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At five minutes on the dot, I made my way to the living room. As soon as Chris saw me, her eyes widened, taking in my barely there ensemble, but she smiled and said nothing. “Hey,” I said quietly. “Couldn’t sleep. I feel bad for disappearing so quickly earlier… I’m sorry for being such a negligent host.” “Oh, that’s okay,” Chris said brightly. “Don’t even worry about it. Do you want to join us?” “Thanks, that’s sweet,” I caught you raising an eyebrow at me and quickly followed up with, “but I get antsy when I can’t sleep. Kinda just need to keep myself busy, you know? Wear myself out.” “Totally,” Chris agreed. “I can super relate to that.” “Can I freshen up your drinks?” I offered, per your instructions to serve. “Thanks, babe,” you replied, holding out your empty glass. As I walked over to you, the fabric of my panties crept toward the middle of my bum, putting more and more of me on display like the Devozki escorts on the web. I took your glass from you and turned to Chris, who looked up from staring at my ass. I blushed as she smiled again, handing over a wine glass. “That’s so nice, thank you.” She said. “White?” I asked. “Rosé.” I nodded and headed over to the kitchen, the open floor plan ensuring you could both still watch me while I played the role of dutiful attendant. Filling Chris’s glass with cold, crisp rosé from the fridge, I then plopped three ice cubes in your tumbler and poured two fingers of bourbon over them, just the way you liked it. When I brought the drinks back to the living room and bent over to serve them, neither of you bothered looking at my face. I didn’t protest, of course. My tits were rather demanding of attention, and I knew my place. Standing up straight, I started to walk away when your voice stopped me. “I’m hungry. Are you hungry, Chris?” “I can always eat.” “Babe, would you fetch us a little snack, please?” “Of course,” I replied, heading back to the kitchen. “What would you like?” “There should be stuff for nosh in there,” was your answer. I almost responded with “Yes, Boss,” but caught myself. Barely. I’d slipped enough to make you grin behind your bourbon. “Okay,” I said instead, and set to work prepping a nosh plate. While I stood at the counter putting the food together, you caught my eye and then looked at my chest. I looked down to see that my nipples were losing their perk. Turning away wasn’t an option, as you were watching and waiting for me to follow your directive. Glancing at Chris, I saw that her attention was on you as she regaled you with an anecdote. As subtly as I could, I reached up and teased my nipples, one at a time, pinching and rubbing until they stood firm again, poking through my t-shirt. It made me so hot to have you watch me not-so-secretly fondle myself in this open setting, I soon felt the thrill of it all between my legs, in the wetness that seeped into my panties… With a subtle nod, you turned your focus back to Chris, and I finished assembling the nosh tray. Carrying it over to the living room, I bent at the waist to set it down, feeling the vulnerability of my position as I did so. “Thanks, babe.” You paused, looking around. “Plates? Napkins?” “Oh! Sorry.” I scurried back to the kitchen like a good little retriever, bringing you both plates and napkins. After more thank yous, I asked if I could get you anything else. When you each said you were good for now, I went about fulfilling your other orders, tidying up random piles that cluttered the room. As I carried some mail over to the appropriate spot on the counter, I heard you speaking quietly to Chris. “You’ll have to excuse her indecency,” you said, just loudly enough for me to hear. “She’s such a wanton little thing, sometimes she forgets herself and prances around half-dressed in front of our guests.” “Oh, please,” Chris replied, matching your volume. “No need to apologize. I love a shameless woman, especially one who’s willing to show off her hot, sexy little body in front of me.” Chris giggled and I heard the clink of your glasses, toasting to my obscenity. To keep myself following your orders, I brought a small bucket of cleaning supplies into the living room and proceeded to dust every possible surface. The two of you went about your conversation, but I could feel your collective gaze on me. Whenever I stole a glance at either of you, it was confirmed. You were talking to each other, but ogling me, just as you’d promised. I bent over to pick up a stray coaster under the coffee table, and felt my panties finally give way. The sides slid all the way over to my ass crack, setting my bottom free and exposing me more completely. Glancing over at you, I paused in my work. You’d noticed, of course, and gave me nothing more than a smirk. It was a clear signal to leave my panties as they were, making no move to right them or cover myself. A thrill of lust mixed with mortification swept over me, and I went about cleaning the living room. My next task was to wipe down the large mirror over the fireplace, which required me to step onto a small ledge with my back to you and Chris, giving you both a real eyeful of my bare ass cheeks. With a twinge of that sensual shame, I realized the conversation had turned to me. No one bothered to lower their voice this time. “I have to admit,” Chris was saying, “this is making me want to hire one of those naughty maid services.” She giggled as I glanced over my shoulder, blushing. “You hear that, babe,” you teased, knowing full well I had. “Looks like you’re doing a good job of keeping things tidy.” I smiled and lowered my lashes. “Thank you, I’m glad.” “I could use one more drink,” you said. “Chris?” “Why not, I’m on vacation.” Without hesitation, I put down my cleaning supplies and collected your glasses. “Make us a couple of Manhattans, would you, babe?” “Of course,” I answered, and made my way to the kitchen, compliant and demure. I had to procure the ingredients from our bar cart in the dining room, so I couldn’t make out what you said that inspired Chris’s next round of giggles. When I returned to the kitchen, it was obvious that I was still the topic at hand. “ time we come to visit,” you were saying, “I could just strip her down to her lingerie and make her clean your apartment for you. No need to hire anyone.” Chris giggled again. “What’s that saying? The one about girls who give it away… Why pay for the cow when you can have the milk for free?” The two of you laughed together, and the heat of abashment swept over me. “What do you say, babe? Next time we visit, will you be a naughty little maid for Chris?” I bit my lip, trying to focus on making drinks instead of all the carnality coursing through my veins. The talk about me might’ve been mortifying, but it was also making me want to come, really, really badly. “If you want me to,” I replied, not quite able to meet your gaze. “This is the best part of her mixing drinks,” I heard you saying to Chris. “I taught her that she knows she’s using the shaker properly when she really gets those tits bouncing around.” Chris laughed again, and I couldn’t help it. I looked over to see you both watching me as I brandished the shaker, my tits doing exactly what you’d said, just as you once taught them to. There was nothing to do but let you and Chris watch me work, finishing one drink and then the other, giving you another bouncing tits show as I used the shaker a second time. Not only could I not stop for fear of reprimand, the truth was… I didn’t want to. The wicked, wanton girl in me loved every second of being leered at by you and your friend. “You’re my new favorite,” Chris winked at me, and I thanked her, like a good little harlot. I picked up the drinks and carried them into the living room, serving one to each of you. Polite as ever, you both thanked me, then I stood up and waited for what was next - waiting on your more or back to cleaning. Instead, you told me I should put away my cleaning supplies. “Go on into bed and wait for me,” you ordered, with a clarity in your voice that “bed” did not equal “sleep.” “Okay,” I replied, putting the cleaning supplies away and picking up the bucket. You stopped me before I got too far. “Wait, come here a minute.” I did as I was told and walked over to you. “Turn around,” you instructed,” and I presented my ass to you and Chris, holding on to my naughty little maid bucket. Taking hold of my panties, you tugged them up as far as they could go, until they were not only bunched up between my ass cheeks, but my pussy lips, too. Then you gave me two sharp smacks, one on each side of my bottom, making Chris giggle again. “Thanks for being such a good little minion,” you said. “You’re welcome,” I replied. “You’re welcome, what?” The smallest whimper escaped my lips. Chris was watching you play with my panties and spank my ass, but for some reason uttering these words in front of her made me feel more vulnerable than anything. “You’re welcome, Boss.” I said. “Ooh, Boss! I like that,” Chris delighted behind me. “Good girl,” you praised me, and sent me away with one more slap. “Now off to bed.”

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